San Diegos Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Hi, I'm Yesenia!

I'm a super laid back gal who loves starbucks, cheese danishes and am a major night owl, so watching netflix as I edit your beautiful galleries is my jam. Aside from being a photographer, I am a momma to two awesome kids, two fur babies and a wife. From as long as I can remember I've always had a passion for art. As a child, I loved music, I doodled everywhere, then putting on makeup, and now photography. In my earlier days, I always had a camera with me whether it was a disposable, point and shoot, then cell phones and now my trusty mirrorless cameras. Creating everlasting relationships is something that is so important to me and capturing those moments with people I love is priceless! Think of it like this, first you start a relationship then it evolves, you get engaged, get married, buy a new house, have a baby or adopt some fur babies. I want to be part of all that! I call it your life journey! I get to capture your beautiful memories, frozen in time, that evoke emotion and will be what we leave behind when we are gone.

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